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Rob Frisina former 17th LD State Representative Position 1.


On the Issues

Get Big Money Out

During the Center for Public Integrity’s last annual investigation, Washington’s current government

transparency, ethics and accountability laws were reviewed. Our state received a “D+” rating, one of

the lowest in the country. Our current regulations are insufficient creating an atmosphere of distrust

and disengagement of voters.


While campaigning for Sanders, Rob and his son canvassed their neighborhood. They found that many

he spoke with were uneducated on the caucus system - unaware that their opinion would not be heard.

The two took additional steps to help their community by providing surrogate affidavit forms and

attempting to submit them. Our current mismanaged system still allowed for those votes to go

uncounted. It is apparent that the process in Washington needs to be simplified so that each and every

voter is heard.


There are no excuses for either of these situations when opportunities exist to resolve them. As your

State Representative, Frisina will work to open doors that will improve the community’s faith in our

democratic processes.


Take Care of People

The residents of Clark County know all too well of the housing crisis that we are currently faced with.

Our region currently leads the nation in increasing home prices, contributing to Vancouver’s vacancy

rate of less than 2%. Even with services that are currently available it is estimated that over 7,000

people in Clark County are left without adequate shelter any given night, many of which are women and

children. Access to sufficient housing is a foundational provision that calls for urgent legislative action.


The Washington State Supreme Court has made it very clear that our education system is not fulfilling its

obligation to provide a quality basic education to children. Although progress has been made, there is

still much work that needs to be done within the legislature to ensure that each child is able to set a

strong educational foundation for their future. The voices of parents and students have clearly called for

improvements to the State’s standardized testing requirements – we need to work with educators to

track effectiveness in other ways.


Rob firmly believes that access to healthcare should be viewed as a basic human right. Healthcare is far

too fundamental to ever be described as a commodity or privilege. Recently, impactful changes have

been implemented on a federal level aimed to improve the lives of citizens, but more work is needed. In

Washington, we have the opportunity to set an example for the rest of the nation by enhancing our

current healthcare system and ensuring that quality services are available for all Washingtonians. As a

State and a Nation, Rob sees the need for a shift from restrictive healthcare programs, to proactive

systems. Frisina strongly supports a woman’s right to make decisions about her own health and is

committed to supporting legislation that reflects the same values.


Rob sees the value in creating a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between the State and its newly

created cannabis industry. Last year, the sale of cannabis products by authorized retailers added over

$65 million in tax revenue to the state’s budget. By continuing to offer support for these new

businesses, the State stands to realize continued benefits in the coming years.

Leave a Better Earth

Washington is a beautiful place, and Rob aims to keep it that way as the effects of Climate Change

become increasingly obvious. Our commitment to supporting environmentally friendly policies and

technologies must increase in order to ensure that future generations are not left to suffer the

consequences of past irresponsibility. Promoting a solid renewable energy based economy and reducing

our communities’ dependence on fossil fuels is vital to creating a sustainable future for Washingtonians.

Now is not the time to invest in fossil fuel based industries that counteract the efforts we have made

thus far, which is one reason Rob strongly opposes the plans for a new oil terminal in Vancouver. What

we do need to invest in right now is our local infrastructure, which is outdated and becoming

increasingly dangerous.


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